Singapore – River reminiscing


During the long SG50 holiday we decided to do some park hopping.

On day one we went to the Lower Pierce to check out the boardwalk.

image2 image1

On another occasion,

In a small red dot Singapore, we do not have natural running streams, waterfalls nor rivers. However we do have over 400 parks in Singapore. One of which we recently visited, thats the Bishan Park. Amazing area and guess what we even witnessed otters frolicking each other, secretion to mark their territory. Eventually they went swimming down the stream.

Aqeel, Ehsan and Haaron had fun cycling, skate scooting with mommy. Whereas Daddy was taking a breather missing Mariam. We also did a try a bit of playing in the stream.

IMG_20150810_093206IMG_20150810_102552 IMG_20150810_102555 (1)     IMG_20150810_102334 IMG_20150810_102315IMG_20150810_095901

It was a great day to spend the SG50 long weekend!

I hope to visit this the next time.


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