Family Funtastic Introduction


I am Wahidah Fervin whom close buddies call me as “Wahi” lovingly. Today we are living in Singapore with my wonderful hubby, 3 boys and 1 little princess in a tiny island called Singapore. I used to be a webmaster till my first prince came along 9 years ago, I decided to quit my full time job to care for him as a full time mom. After 9 awesome years as a wife, SAHM, homemaker, housewife, whatever you may call it, I have decided to write up my own blog to reflect, aspire and to inspire.

My life motto has always been to live life to the fullest, for life tomorrow may or may not be. Directly translated from the hit hindi movie “Kal Ho Na Ho!”

I hope to share some family management ideas, cooking tips, kids favourite books, hobbies, activities.10858631_10152944691939791_429437198004588948_n

Thank you for reading and keep visiting us.


Wahidah Fervin Maideen


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