Arabic Alphabet Chart


Starting your children on Arabic alphabets? Get a copy of A3 sized chart to introduce arabic alphabets to your child.

Arabic Alphabet Chart

Arabic Alphabet Chart

Contact me at 9873 7774 or email me at  $6/pc for chart excluding postage.


Happy Birthday To me!


My birthday falls on the same day as Indian Independence day. Maybe that could be the reason why I still have strong attachment to this country which my parents were from. I am still patriotic Singaporean, however our roots should also be appreciated. This is my belated posting of my birthday celebration.


 Quiet celebration with beautiful kids and family. 

The main person behind the scene erhmmm, taking the actual shots did the hard work of getting my favourite cake, setting up the party and of course the gift is my bestest half. The man I love to irritate the most and vice versa! IMG_2929

Thank you Hubby for always making it memorable and of course for the demanding efforts to satisfy my desired birthday gift! ….. (drums rolling)…….

image1A lovely pair of ear studs in Butterfly design…

Sungei Buloh Walk


Just a few weeks ago we visited the Sungei Buloh for like the 10th time or so. However this time it has been revamped with new extension. We looked forward to this trip as it was together with hubby’s colleagues. We brought Aqeel and Haaron along as usual with their usual lamenting and complaining.


Lovely pair of Hornbills was a feast to our sight! We also caught a rare sight of 2 CROCS!!!!

11703586_10153541451044791_2994992286032429017_o 11807331_10153541409559791_2470482038891506607_o

A group photo is a must!! Tired after a long walk and active kids!

Singapore – River reminiscing


During the long SG50 holiday we decided to do some park hopping.

On day one we went to the Lower Pierce to check out the boardwalk.

image2 image1

On another occasion,

In a small red dot Singapore, we do not have natural running streams, waterfalls nor rivers. However we do have over 400 parks in Singapore. One of which we recently visited, thats the Bishan Park. Amazing area and guess what we even witnessed otters frolicking each other, secretion to mark their territory. Eventually they went swimming down the stream.

Aqeel, Ehsan and Haaron had fun cycling, skate scooting with mommy. Whereas Daddy was taking a breather missing Mariam. We also did a try a bit of playing in the stream.

IMG_20150810_093206IMG_20150810_102552 IMG_20150810_102555 (1)     IMG_20150810_102334 IMG_20150810_102315IMG_20150810_095901

It was a great day to spend the SG50 long weekend!

I hope to visit this the next time.

A Day at the beach


It was a day after the Eid celebration, we decided to escape the local crowd to Malaysian Desaru beach. Little did we know that we will be welcomed by the crowd there who were rejoicing the holidays!

Anyways it was a bright and beautiful day to be at the beach. Lots of people basking in the sun, playing with the scary waves, breezy wind was excellent for kit flying.

We set up the tent that we brought along with the help of little machos Aqeel. Ehsan and Haaron & angel Hajirah.But we spent little time in there as it was too exciting being on the sand. Princess Mariam loved the sand and didn’t mind digging her feet in. She dug up sand and collected them onto the bucket. I could tell she enjoyed herself so much.


will add more pictures of the kite flying, waves catching, sandcastle building, etc.


Wahidah Maideen

Creative Juice Flowing despite Parched in Ramadan (Month of Fasting month)


It’s the blessed month of fasting, we were probably hibernating most of the hot June holidays. Once school started we had to start our day from 4 am! By the time its afternoon it seems like almost midnight. Knowing Aqeel he never naps no matter how tired he can be. Ehsan , Mariam, daddy and me all nap.

As such getting any work done was already a humongous task. This is some little work we did apart from the rare school homework (and of cos my boring assessment books).


Decided to work on names to decorate the kids door.


Birthday card for Daddy(July Baby), with a family silhouette.


Since the boys enjoy reading, to motivate them I decided to theme related bookmarks. Haaron is doing insects in school and boys being boys love cars.

Homemade Prata


Roti Prata aka Roti Canai, comes from the word Roti – Bread and Canai for Chennai. Its found mainly in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and even Myanmar! Its a type of bread which is to be eaten together with Dhal curry, chicken curry, mutton curry or even fish curry to give that spicy exotic taste. Its a favourite dish anywhere and at anytime. Though its not my favourite dish as its calories is rocket high like 1000 over, I dare not have it too frequently. However, my kids and husband love it a lot. Now even my 2 year old daughter, Mariam has take a liking to eat. She ate up one whole piece at someones place I visited a fortnight ago.

Hence, I decided to go through the painstaking process of mixing, kneading the dough, waiting and flipping and frying the prata myself. So as to get the soft fluffy layered look. Compared to the square flat thin style which the shops make, I prefer this.

Googling online for the recipe I came across this nice local site called, Dr Leslie Tay talks about everything you need to know about making Roti Prata aka Roti Canai.

So let’s get started with a discussion of the basic ingredients. The simplest Prata you can make consists of flour, water, salt and sugar. You can enrich the dough by adding oil, condensed milk and egg. Since we are making this at home, we can afford to put in some of the good stuff. So the recipe I would do in my home would be the following:

For an enriched Prata Dough Recipe (Richer taste, more tender),

1. Plain Flour 600g
2. Water 270ml
3. Condensed Milk 80g (1/4 cup)
4. Oil or Melted Butter/Ghee 15ml (1 tablespoon)
5. Salt 1 teaspoon
6. 1 eggs
For a leaner Prata Dough Recipe (Crispier texture) without the condensed milk,

1. Plain Flour 600g
2. Water 300ml
3. Salt 1 teaspoon
4. Sugar 1 tablespoon
5. Oil 15 ml
6. 1 egg

I learnt that you don’t have to knead the dough too long as you have to let them get to know each other “intimately”. Dr Leslie said its a kind of autolysis. New word I learnt today. 🙂 Roughly 20 minutes later, you have to start flipping the balls which were divided right after kneading, waiting and oiling to separate the prata “beda” (balls).

Here is a video to show the flipping method.

Prata in the making :

FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-2

Some may ask, why bother making them at home when you can easily get them available anywhere in indian shops. The fun part is in the flipping and savouring a truly homemade prata taste made with the finest ingredients. Besides no one believes you can and its an accomplishing feeling you get when everyone enjoys a bite and every bit of it!

Wahidah Maideen

Family Funtastic Introduction


I am Wahidah Fervin whom close buddies call me as “Wahi” lovingly. Today we are living in Singapore with my wonderful hubby, 3 boys and 1 little princess in a tiny island called Singapore. I used to be a webmaster till my first prince came along 9 years ago, I decided to quit my full time job to care for him as a full time mom. After 9 awesome years as a wife, SAHM, homemaker, housewife, whatever you may call it, I have decided to write up my own blog to reflect, aspire and to inspire.

My life motto has always been to live life to the fullest, for life tomorrow may or may not be. Directly translated from the hit hindi movie “Kal Ho Na Ho!”

I hope to share some family management ideas, cooking tips, kids favourite books, hobbies, activities.10858631_10152944691939791_429437198004588948_n

Thank you for reading and keep visiting us.


Wahidah Fervin Maideen